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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Hits Just Keep On Coming

I found my first gray hair tonight.  I think I'm officially sad.  


It's going to be one of those days, folks.  Sunshine is the lucky recipient of a raging ear infection, and I've only had about 3 hours of sleep.  Any bets on when Ladybug starts the descent into feverish, ear-clutching, crying madness? 

On the bright side, it happened this week, as opposed to next week.  When we're scheduled to visit the fam in VA.  Not feeling much of the bright side at the moment though.  

Monday, March 30, 2009


There's something about raising small children that instills in you the hearing of a super hero.   You hear it all.  The muttered protests of your preschooler at bath time.  Your child's cry from across the playground.  The small thud your toddler makes when she falls out of her newly converted crib.  (No worries.  It's less than a foot of the ground, and there's a comforter on the floor to soften the landing.)  The whimpering of a child, well past bedtime, from the top of the stairs.  I do think though, that it only applies in parenting situations.  I still can't hear my cellphone when it rings inside my handbag.  

It was the whimpering that we heard last night.  I was engrossed in the  Sex and the City movie.  I've only been waiting a year to see it.  But then I heard it.  Actually I should say that we heard it.  Now, my kids are sleepers.  Heavy, heavy sleepers.  So when one of them is whimpering at the top of the stairs almost three hours after they went to bed, there's a pretty big problem. 

 Todd, who has a far better back than I do, practically leapt up the stairs and had Sunshine in the bathroom before I made it to the top of the stairs.  I went to check the bedroom, and sure enough, everything needed to be changed.  Unfortunately I had just changed her sheets and duvet that morning.  But because I was on top of things, I had already washed and dried the extras.  Thank goodness I was productive this weekend.  

The speed with which Todd managed to get Sunshine showered and changed was matched by the speed with which I got her bed stripped and remade, and the carpet cleaned.  It astounded me.  Fast reflexes.  Add that to the list of skills that parenting sharpens.  

Poor Sunshine.  She did enjoy staying up a bit with us last night though.  Just needed to make sure that the situation wasn't going to repeat itself.  I was all out of clean sheets.  She was crushed that I had to cancel the play date we'd scheduled with one of her friends, but I think she's enjoyed being home today.  


In other news, the rigmarole that the Sate of Georgia puts you through in order to register your car is astounding.  We've put this off for this long just because the sheer amount of paperwork is astronomical.  And we can't even procure some of it because our bank wants things done differently from the DMV.  Lovely.  Neither side is willing to budge.  I love being caught in a lousy bureaucratic circle.  I'm hoping it's resolved soon.  I have no desire to drive to Virginia with expired Virginia tags.  


I'm so ready for March Madness to be over.  I can't stress enough how much I truly hate basketball.  Just have no patience for it.  And it drives me insane when I think about how my wonderful husband must watch EACH AND EVERY GAME, even though he doesn't watch basketball at any other time during the year.  It can't end soon enough.  


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Laundry, Church, and Chickens

I think I've been having one of those weeks.  You know.  Those weeks where you just look at yourself and think, Is this really my life?  Not in a bad way, mind you.  Just in a reflective way.  I mean, I could have spent all week describing the mountains of clean laundry that are mutating out of my laundry room, taking over my house and threatening my children.  Or perhaps you might have liked to hear about the dozens of chickens that have sacrificed their lives in my crusade to roast the perfect chicken.  Because seriously, it seems like that is the sum total of my life these days.  Laundry and chicken.  Actually, I shouldn't say that.  It's laundry, chicken, husband, children with a small smattering of play dates, teacher conferences, and rain.  Somehow that doesn't sound much better.  I guess I've just felt like I haven't had much to write about lately.  

But, enough about that.  

We've been going to church lately.  I'm still not sure how I feel about that.  I'm leaning toward not wanting to raise my children as Catholics, but I'm giving it another try.  If we do decide to remain in the Catholic Church; I think it will be something that I struggle with on a daily basis.  That, and I will probably become a permanent nursery helper.  All in all, it's not a bad parish.  The people seem normal enough.  But there's a school there.  And that almost automatically means that my children will be left out because they will NEVER attend the school.  Nothing against people whose children do, it's just not for us.  

But, as part of our attempt to give it our best shot, we attended the Lenten fish fry dinner on Friday night.  I won't go into the fact that the only veggie on the plate was the ketchup.  That could happen anywhere.  The priest came over to us while we were watching the girls play after dinner.  He had already introduced himself to Todd, and was coming over to introduce himself to me.  We made small talk about how we had just moved from Virginia, and he quickly said that Of course Sunshine would start at the church school next fall.  Well, no.  I said that she was a student at a really wonderful Montessori school, that she was thriving there, and that I would like to, at some point, get my Montessori teaching license.  You would think, that after all that, he would have left it alone.  But no.  He had to then tell me how much trouble Montessori children had when transferring to Catholic school.  Wow.  Really, Sherlock?  No Montessori parent in their right mind would ever consider a Catholic school when faced with having to transfer their child.  Talk about totally different theories of education.  

I think this just irked me on a lot of different levels.  Sure, it might take a little while to get used to having to sit at a desk all day.  But Montessori kids are actually incredibly adaptable.  They can manage their own time, and they're incredibly free-thinking.  And I may be guessing here, but I think that was what the priest was talking about.  And that's not even mentioning the misguided attempt to up their enrollment numbers.  I was polite though, and said it was very nice to meet him.  After he left, Todd made a comment about how that was on his Top Ten List on How NOT to Endear Yourself to My Wife.  

Wow.  Well, right now I'm thinking that this was so NOT how I'd imagined this post going.  

On a lighter note, we sat down to chicken chili tacos for dinner last night.  Delicious.  And it gave my kids a chance to chow down on sour cream.  Because, given the chance, they will eat it by the spoonful.  And yes, I give them lots of greek yogurt.  Most of the time they don't realize that it's not sour cream.  And it's handy to have around for dips.  But I had the real thing out last night.  I took my eye off the container for one quick second.   Turning around, I thought I caught the sour cream spoon coming out of Sunshine's mouth.  A quick talk about no licking the serving spoon, a trip back to the silverware drawer, and we were back to eating dinner.  Not two minutes later, the spoon was coming out of her mouth again.  NO LICKING THE SPOON, I said.  Oh, but Mommy.  I didn't lick the spoon.  I put the whole spoon in my mouth, she said primly.  Lovely.  Looks like we're going to have to be much more technically correct in the future.  

It's been a busy weekend here.  I dealt with the mountains of clean laundry.  And even started on the mountains of not-so-clean clothes.  Bonus points for me.  Sadly, dealing with the latter leads to more of the former.  Oh well.  We did convert the dining room into an office.  Because we've only used it once.  And while that event was a success (no one cried), I can't imagine Todd would want to repeat it.  I'm actually sitting in the office right now, and it's beautiful.  Perhaps having our filing cabinets downstairs will actually make it a little easier to, you know, file all the stuff that gets sent here.  

By the way... I made this for dinner tonight.  It was amazing.  I roasted the chicken whole, instead of cutting it up.  I know, I'm lazy, but I can't stand cutting up chicken and it's so much cheaper to buy it whole.  I also added some diced butternut squash to the sweet onions.  I didn't have orzo, so I substituted Israeli couscous, and the kids couldn't get enough of it.  Huge success.  And the smoked paprika is so important to this dish.  Definitely worth a try.  I guess that's just one more chicken.  Well, it was a good way to go.  For a chicken.  

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crying Over Spilled Dirt

I bought Sunshine a pot of gorgeous hot pink gerbera daisies a couple of days ago.  They're her responsibility, and she's taking it quite seriously.  They stay in the girls' room, which gets some beautiful morning sunlight.  But during nap time, because Ladybug can now get out of her bed, Sunshine likes to take her flowers elsewhere for safekeeping.  

Both girls needed a nap today.  Well, Sunshine needed a rest.  It was heavily protested, but she grudgingly carried her daisies and a few books into our room.  Thirty minutes of listening to her dance around upstairs, we let her down.  

Later tonight, just after we'd put the girls to bed, I found a rather large pile of dirt on the floor.  Covered up by my pillow.  I had Todd get Sunshine out of bed.  She came in with her head hung low.  "But Mommy, I knocked it with my elbow.  I didn't want you to be mad at me."  We very quietly talked about how I wasn't upset at all, I just didn't want her to cover it up.  That spills happen all the time.  But that she should tell us, even if it's just so we can help clean it up.  

So what did I do to make my daughter so afraid to tell me that she'd spilled a little dirt?  We never get upset about spills.  Okay, well maybe if she's really goofing around.  It's possible that she was really goofing around during rest time.  But still, I don't want her to be afraid of me.  That makes me incredibly sad.  I hope our little chat tonight will help lessen her fears of coming to me. Fear can fester and grow, and I so desperately don't want to have this kind of relationship with my daughter when she's a teenager.  

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

When Ladybug Has a Blowout, or How I Spent My Day Today

When Ladybug has a blowout, you might notice the stench that seems to be everywhere.  You look for the source.

When you finally do pinpoint the source, you see that she has leaked everywhere.  You moved towards her carefully, for a closer inspection.

When you move in for a closer inspection, you realize that she has rubbed it all over her hair.  You decide that a shower is imperative.

You take her up to the shower, dripping everywhere, and carrying her as far away from your body as humanly possible.  

When you get to the bathroom and start carefully undressing Ladybug, you realize that you have zero change of getting out of this without a shower yourself.  You also realize that you are making a miserable mess.  You yell to Sunshine to bring wipes, and plenty of them.  And a plastic bag, don't forget the plastic bag.

After showering, dressing, cleaning the floor, and putting Ladybug down for a nap; you head downstairs to deal with the aftermath.

You start by calling to Sunshine to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE start cleaning the playroom.  

When you've established that she is, indeed, picking up the playroom, you start to concentrate on the carpet spots.  

As you clean the carpet, you realize that your floors are in desperate need of sweeping and mopping.

You drag out the broom, dustpan, and mop.  You move all the furniture and rugs.  You start to sweep. 

As you are sweeping, you notice that the baseboards could use a wash.  Of course, you make a mental note if it because you are in the middle of sweeping.  You also knock you head on the hanging light fixture, because there is no kitchen table, or husband, to warn you that it is there.  You curse the light fixture.

After you curse the light fixture and finish sweeping, you start to mop.  As you mop, you realize that there are lots of marker marks on the floor.  You make a mental note to drag out the Magic Eraser.  You put place holders down by each mark, making the room look eerily similar to a crime scene.  In the process, you knock you head on the light fixture yet again, cursing it a little louder this time.

After you finish cursing again, you realize that Sunshine has finished picking up the playroom and would like another task.  You give her a full bottle of diluted vinegar, a roll of paper towels, and ask her to clean the windows.  You proceed to vacuum, sweep, and mop the playroom and living room.  While you're on your way to throw the sweepings outside, you knock your head on that damn light fixture again.  At this point the cursing can probably be heard in the development next to yours.  

As the throbbing in your head subsides a little, you realize that Sunshine has finished with the windows.  You let her loose on the baseboards.  As she sprays vinegar all over the house, you notice the shocking number of foam stickers that are stuck on various surfaces.  As you painstakingly scrape each and everyone on of them off, you silently curse the person who decided that the adhesive on said stickers should be NASA grade.  

After you're done scraping stickers, you realize that Sunshine has run out of vinegar after cleaning the baseboards, doors, and kitchen cabinets.  You wisely decide not to refill the bottle, and you both sit down to relax for a moment.  Just as you sit down, you hear Ladybug's voice.  She's awake and she needs a diaper change.  

And honestly, after all this, all I could think was THANK GOD WE DIDN'T GO TO THE AQUARIUM THIS AFTERNOON.  

1-2-3 Magic

I hate how difficult the early evenings could be.  I would love to spend them cuddled up with my kids, reading a book.  But they're tired, and hungry, and I've got dinner to make.  It's really become my witching hour.  I try so hard not to lose my patience with the girls, probably just as hard as they try not to lose their patience with me.  

Then they both want to stand on the one stool that we have and help cook.  So with one on each side of me, I do my best to not yell at both of them to find some work to do.  Out of the kitchen.   

Monday night was particularly fun.  It was late, dangerously close to the girls' bedtime when we sat down to dinner.  The girls had been especially difficult, impatiently waiting for Daddy to come home.  When we finally sat down to dinner, the cat started howling to go out.  I mean, the kids were finally quiet so I guess he felt the need to make the house as noisy as possible again.  Sunshine opened the door to let him out.  He balked, and kept howling.  Incredibly frustrated, I opened the door, told him I was going to count to three.  He could either leave the house, or I was going to throw him out.  

I still can't believe that I told my cat that he had till the count of three to leave the house or be quiet.  I think I've lost it.  So does my cat.  

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Ladybug is changing so fast.  It seems like just yesterday she was nursing, sleeping all the time, so content to cuddle in the sling with me all day.  Now?  Now she is her own person.  And she is not shy about telling you exactly what she wants.  Or doesn't want.  Or REALLY, REALLY DOESN'T WANT.  

So now she really, really loves sleeping in our version of a big girl bed.  I do find it totally fascinating that she has no interest in getting out of the bed.  Just getting into it.  I'm sure that will change though.  Perhaps just the option to get out of bed is enough at the moment.  Of course, I do think that she spends a good portion of the night sleeping on the floor.  

There's also been an explosion in both her desire to use the potty and her language.  So now she can tell us that she has to go.  Or that she already went.  Or that she likes going.  Or that SHE DOES NOT WANT HER DIAPER CHANGED.  Unless she gets to wipe her bottom by herself.  Then she REALLY, REALLY wants to change her diaper, like five minutes ago already.  

She also lets me know on an almost hourly basis her total and absolute preference for chocolate milk.  Anything else is totally and completely unacceptable.  That really presents quite a problem, as chocolate milk just isn't served that often here.  

And for all of you that can't stand her hair in her face... she is now also ready for pigtails.  I know, it's adorable.  However, she likes me doing her hair about as much as her big sister.  
No hurt me Mommy, she cries.  And I know it doesn't hurt.  Her hair is still so baby soft, and doesn't really get tangles.  She's just parroting her sister.  Just one more thing to make our mornings slightly more complicated.  

It's amazing to watch her grow though.  I just don't remember it happening so fast with Sunshine.  I feel like she'll be asking me for the keys to the car tomorrow.  

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Weekend!

I hope a wonderful weekend is had by all.  We're going to enjoy a lot of laundry, popcorn, and movies.  Probably not in that order!

By the way... there are to be NO comments on the hair in the face.  I can see you rolling your eyes, Mom.  Just not a battle I want to wage, especially after school's out for the afternoon.  They look beautiful, hair in the eyes or not!  

Friday, March 13, 2009

More tales from the playground

Sunshine's school dismisses from the playground.  Normally, it's nice.  I get to have an adult conversation with some besides my husband.  Although it's usually punctuated with requests that the older children please try hard not to scare the younger ones when they play velociraptors or fire breathing dragons.  And the kids get to expend a little energy.  Love that.  

There's a dad there though that bugs the everlovin' crap out of me.  He insists on calling my kid a weird nickname, even after I told him that her name was SUNSHINE.   His kid ALWAYS comes to school with the greenest, runniest nose.    (Just a pet peeve of mine.  I mean, this guy stays home so there shouldn't be any question about keeping his sick kid at home.)  But today took the cake.  

I had noticed that this particular little girl had been out for the last few days.  But she was back today.  That's fine.  No big deal.  But her dad brought her obviously sick, much older brother onto the playground.  He was fine for a minute, and terrorized a few of the younger kids.  But then he stopped.  And vomited.  All over the place.  Not 3 feet from me.  And then, they STAYED ON THE PLAYGROUND so the little girl could play.  

Now seriously.  This kid is 10.  I'm not saying leave him at home, but at least leave him in the car.  Quickly pick up your other child, and leave.  Heck, any of the other parents would have been more than willing to bring this little girl up to her father and brother.  You just don't bring such a sick kid onto the playground.  And then, you don't stay after he gets sick just so that your other child can play.  

Have some respect for the other parents who are trying to keep their children healthy.  The last thing we need is to be hit with the stomach bug.  Especially after this week.  Maybe I'm overreacting, but but the stomach bug is something that I just don't play around with.  And frankly I'm ticked off that this particular parent seems to have so little regard for the health of any of these kids.  And if Sunshine gets sick... I just might suggest a play date at their house.  Probably not, but a mom can dream.  

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Memorandum From The Child

I've been taking this incredible seminar for the past few weeks.  I've debated putting this on the blog.  It totally blew my mind, but it's not my work.  Seriously though. Read it aloud.  (That's actually important.)  Think about it.  I know it's long, but it's completely worth it.  

*I'm trying to learn the difference between my needs and my impulses.  I need and really want you to help me set my limits.  I don't need my every whim and fancy catered to.

*"No" is not always a put-down.  Sometimes "no" is the most appropriate answer you can give me.

*I'm inclined to think you're perfect and infallible.  Please allow yourself to give me the comfort of knowing you make mistakes too.  An honest apology from you to me makes me feel surprisingly warm toward you.

*Be clear and firm with me.  This lets me know where I am and helps me to be secure in my relationship with you.

*Be my guide and I will usually follow.  If you are forceful with me, I learn that power is all that counts.

*Please be consistent.  I get so confused if your expectations and directions fluctuate randomly.

*I'm inclined to trust you absolutely.  Since promises may be impossible to keep, let's not use them.

*Sometimes I may act like I'm trying to provoke you.  Please help me regain my inner balance by showing me that you can keep yours.

*Sometimes I may want you to feel bad for what I think you've done to me.  You might try leaving me alone or giving me a response that lets me know you recognize how upset I am.

*I thrive on respect.  If I feel belittled, I may try to compensate by acting like a bully and a big-shot.

*Please give me enough time and freedom to do things for myself.  I will think I am incapable if you do "my" things for me.  I want to feel competent.

*I might experiment with some unacceptable mannerisms or activities.  If you give lots of attention to it, you are giving me a reason to make the experiment a habit.

*Sometimes I will behave inappropriately in public situations.  Please quietly take me aside and give me a choice to leave or use proper behavior.

*I can't participate in a discussion about my behavior in the heat of a conflict.  My hearing is not very good at this time and my cooperation is even worse.  It's all right to take the necessary action, but let's not talk about it until later.

*Let's be gracious with mistakes.  I need to know I can make mistakes without feeling that I'm no good.

*Nagging is really hard to listen to.  If I fail to follow through the first time you speak clearly to me, logical consequences of my actions will help me remember the next occasion.

*Please be careful with my innate honesty.  I am easily frightened into telling lies.

*Sometimes I really don't know why I do things.  If you require an explanation, I will probably have to make one up.

*I will appreciate your patience for putting up with my experimentation.  It's my best way of learning.

*I learn from experience so please don't overly protect me from "my" consequences.  The more experience I have, the better my judgement will be.

*My body has great recuperative powers so my small ailments don't need too much notice.  I may learn to expect poor health if it results in a lot of your attention.

*Honest questions need honest answers because this is one important way I learn.  Sometimes I may ask silly or meaningless questions without end.  I just want to keep you busy with me.

*I resent lectures on right and wrong.  My moral judgement is quite astute.  Please give me credit and the opportunity to exercise it.

*Sometimes I am fearful.  Please give me encouragement without belittling my feelings.

*The quality and quantity of the time we spend together is very important to my well-being.

*I am more open to learn from a model than a critic.  Treat me as you treat your friends, then I will be a friend too.  

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sometimes you just have to try it.

She begged me for one more glass of chocolate milk.  But she had already had a big one, and a sugary snack that afternoon.  I told her ice water.  She was welcome to have as much ice water as her tummy could hold.  

Apparently that wasn't good enough.  

I disappeared from the kitchen for a bit.  I'd like to say that I was doing something productive, like laundry.  But I wasn't.  I was probably checking for updates on my favorite bloggers.  Anyways, I returned to find a nasty looking concoction in Sunshine's cup.  

What on Earth is that?  I tried making chocolate ice water, Mommy.  It didn't taste very good, she said.  

Well, thank goodness for that.  

Monday, March 9, 2009


Wow.  So how long has it been since I last posted.  I know, I know... way too long.  I'm even further behind in reading my other favorite bloggers.  Huge life events going on, and I'm missing it.  I've been lost in the randomness of our life.  But I'm trying to dig myself out of it, because looking at life go by a week at a time bites.  The big one.  So because I don't think I could compose a coherent post if my life depended on it (transitions are not my thing lately), I give you little slices of randomness.  

*Sunshine's been having trouble at school.  Several misinterpreted emails between her teacher and I later, and we ended up with a conference on Friday afternoon.  Apparently "The Sunshine Show" has been on nonstop at school.  She's so into socializing that work is no where on her list of priorities.  We're not really worried about this.  And neither is her teacher.  We just weren't understanding each other.  And actually this is a good thing.  Because her father and I are anything but outgoing.  So if Sunshine has a bit more social butterfly in her than we do, that's great.  As long as it happens after school.  

*I've been working for weeks on selling some of the girls' clothes at this huge consignment sale here in Atlanta.  Painstakingly going through the clothing, washing the clothing, hanging up the clothing, logging it into the computer, tagging it, and finally, turning it in.  What a nightmare.  If the money made from this sale weren't going to buying the girls' summer clothes, I would have packed it up right there.  I have no patience for Buckhead Betties.  Actually attending the sale, even worse.

*We surprised the girls with dinner out on Friday night.  Sunshine requested a salad.  When said salad arrived at the table, she squealed with glee.  Look, Mommy!  There are olives on my salad, lots of olives.  And feta.  I love feta.  We then watched her inhale that salad.  I love it.  

*I've been taking a Montessori seminar for the last few weeks.  It's been fascinating.  Last week the subject of the class was positive disciplining and parenting.  It challenged my ideas of what misbehaving actually is.  I don't think that I have the time or words to describe the theories, but they rocked my world.  At the end of the class we received a Memo From a Child.  It totally blew my mind.  I've got to link it up here.  

*We were rewarded with a beautiful weekend, with temperatures near 80, after surviving our freak snow storm last weekend.  The Zoo was packed, but we took the girls anyways.  This trip was a little unorthodox.  We decided to split up.  Sunshine and I decided to forgo seeing the animals in favor of a ride on the carousel and a trip on the Zoo train.  Todd and Ladybug were more conventional in the way they spent their time.  The look on Sunshine's face when the panda she was riding started to move was absolutely priceless.  

*Ladybug chose this weekend to both pee and poop in the potty.  YEAH.  I know we're nowhere close to shedding the diaper, but it was a start.  She sheds her pants and diaper at the slightest mention of going potty.  But then again, she's always liked her naked time.  

*We're expecting a visit from the lovely Aunt Ashley tomorrow.  I'm ecstatic.  We have some great things planned, but I'd really just love the company.  I know the kids will love seeing someone besides myself.  It's amazing how giddy they get at the prospect of someone new to show all their treasures.  

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ah, The Joys of Learning to Read

Sunshine was in the tub the other night, working on reading with her Daddy.  I know, weird place.  But she loves those bath letters.  I was doing laundry but could hear them talking about words ending in -UCK.  Duck, Sunshine shouts.  Luck.  Muck.  And, wait for it.  That's right.  I was cringing, knowing it was coming, wishing Todd might have hidden the F.  But, no.  I just hope she doesn't pull that word out at school.  

Speaking of reading, learning to read is hard.  Trying to help our kid, even harder.  Todd and I both love to read.  I used to keep Barnes and Noble in business before we started saving for future ventures.  Now I spend way less time at the train table, and much more time trying to keep my 21-month old quiet in the library.  Not at all easy.  We really want the girls to love to read just as much as we do.  

I feel like I'm walking a very fine line when Sunshine wants to read.  I want her to try it, by herself.  But I also don't want her to feel too frustrated.  Reading is fun.  It shouldn't feel like a chore.  So I generally just read to her.  She's working on the fundamentals at school, and I don't want to put too much pressure on her to learn.  At least not now.   

I think the only sad part of Sunshine learning to read is that it effectively puts an end to Mommy and Daddy spelling things out that we don't want the girls to hear.  I guess we'll have to move on to Pig Latin next.  Uper-Say.  

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We were shredding, Mommy. Cause we're good.

Said by my lovely daughter, Sunshine, as we stared Day 2 of THE SHRED.  So, because I'm a tremendous procrastinator, I'm just now sharing my stats with my friendly group of Shredheads
A.  Before Pictures:  Ha!  My 4-year old took the pictures.  She's still not very well versed when it comes to capturing someone's most flattering angles, i.e. not a snow ball's chance in Hell.  However, I will email them to any verified Shredder who requests them.  

B.  Tag Line:  Feel The Burn.  

C.  Weight:  HaHaHaHa!  Yeah, no.  Actually, I don't own a scale.  For obvious reasons.  

D.  Goal:  Wow.  Where to start?  My immediate goal?  To feel better about myself.  Long term goal?  I want to run another half marathon.  I ran my first just before I got pregnant with Ladybug, and I loved it.  I'm too out of shape to begin with that, but it will happen again.  

E.  Diet Plan:  I do not diet.  Just doesn't work for me.  What I do plan to do is drink more water.  Stop eating after dinner.  Use smaller plates.  We eat very healthy food to begin with, and telling myself I can't eat something is just begging me to fail.  

F:  Personal Rules:  See above.  I plan to Shred every day.  I also do Yoga 3x per week with Sunshine.  

G.  Shred Plan:  Every day.  Yoga 3x per week.  Starting with Level 1.  

Day 2 update:  Lunges are the bane of my existence.  

Shred on, everyone!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Somehow, Somewhere, Hell Has Frozen Over.

That's right.  It's a cold day in Georgia.   It started snowing at around 11 am, and didn't stop until after 6.  The kids were in Heaven.  Well, maybe not Ladybug.  It was  a little cold outside.  

Sunshine got the opportunity to make her very first snowman.  Much time was spent debating what material should be used for the snowman's eyes.  Dark chocolate covered almonds, mulch, more carrots.  It all stopped when Sunshine said that the perfect material for the eyes was dog poop.  Daddy made an immediate judgement call.  Mulch it was.  

Ladybug thought it was a little too cold.  She stuck it out for a while, but eventually the need for nap time won over.  It might be a few more years before she really loves it, or she might take after her Mom.  I don't think snow is anything I'll ever get used to.  There's a reason we live in Georgia.  

It was a beautiful day.  Snow has such a healing quality to it.  Well, at least freshly fallen snow does.  It makes even the ugly parts of Atlanta pretty.  I'm sure it will make for a nightmarish commute for Todd tomorrow, but we enjoyed it today.  Hopefully we won't see it again until next year.  I'm just about ready to tell Old Man Winter to suck it.  (Or as some of my other family members would say, inhale deeply!)  

*** And Congratulations to Kris for her hard work and dedication.  She was the random winner of a DVD copy of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred!  Thanks to everyone for their favorite weight loss tips!