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Friday, March 13, 2009

More tales from the playground

Sunshine's school dismisses from the playground.  Normally, it's nice.  I get to have an adult conversation with some besides my husband.  Although it's usually punctuated with requests that the older children please try hard not to scare the younger ones when they play velociraptors or fire breathing dragons.  And the kids get to expend a little energy.  Love that.  

There's a dad there though that bugs the everlovin' crap out of me.  He insists on calling my kid a weird nickname, even after I told him that her name was SUNSHINE.   His kid ALWAYS comes to school with the greenest, runniest nose.    (Just a pet peeve of mine.  I mean, this guy stays home so there shouldn't be any question about keeping his sick kid at home.)  But today took the cake.  

I had noticed that this particular little girl had been out for the last few days.  But she was back today.  That's fine.  No big deal.  But her dad brought her obviously sick, much older brother onto the playground.  He was fine for a minute, and terrorized a few of the younger kids.  But then he stopped.  And vomited.  All over the place.  Not 3 feet from me.  And then, they STAYED ON THE PLAYGROUND so the little girl could play.  

Now seriously.  This kid is 10.  I'm not saying leave him at home, but at least leave him in the car.  Quickly pick up your other child, and leave.  Heck, any of the other parents would have been more than willing to bring this little girl up to her father and brother.  You just don't bring such a sick kid onto the playground.  And then, you don't stay after he gets sick just so that your other child can play.  

Have some respect for the other parents who are trying to keep their children healthy.  The last thing we need is to be hit with the stomach bug.  Especially after this week.  Maybe I'm overreacting, but but the stomach bug is something that I just don't play around with.  And frankly I'm ticked off that this particular parent seems to have so little regard for the health of any of these kids.  And if Sunshine gets sick... I just might suggest a play date at their house.  Probably not, but a mom can dream.  

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