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Monday, March 9, 2009


Wow.  So how long has it been since I last posted.  I know, I know... way too long.  I'm even further behind in reading my other favorite bloggers.  Huge life events going on, and I'm missing it.  I've been lost in the randomness of our life.  But I'm trying to dig myself out of it, because looking at life go by a week at a time bites.  The big one.  So because I don't think I could compose a coherent post if my life depended on it (transitions are not my thing lately), I give you little slices of randomness.  

*Sunshine's been having trouble at school.  Several misinterpreted emails between her teacher and I later, and we ended up with a conference on Friday afternoon.  Apparently "The Sunshine Show" has been on nonstop at school.  She's so into socializing that work is no where on her list of priorities.  We're not really worried about this.  And neither is her teacher.  We just weren't understanding each other.  And actually this is a good thing.  Because her father and I are anything but outgoing.  So if Sunshine has a bit more social butterfly in her than we do, that's great.  As long as it happens after school.  

*I've been working for weeks on selling some of the girls' clothes at this huge consignment sale here in Atlanta.  Painstakingly going through the clothing, washing the clothing, hanging up the clothing, logging it into the computer, tagging it, and finally, turning it in.  What a nightmare.  If the money made from this sale weren't going to buying the girls' summer clothes, I would have packed it up right there.  I have no patience for Buckhead Betties.  Actually attending the sale, even worse.

*We surprised the girls with dinner out on Friday night.  Sunshine requested a salad.  When said salad arrived at the table, she squealed with glee.  Look, Mommy!  There are olives on my salad, lots of olives.  And feta.  I love feta.  We then watched her inhale that salad.  I love it.  

*I've been taking a Montessori seminar for the last few weeks.  It's been fascinating.  Last week the subject of the class was positive disciplining and parenting.  It challenged my ideas of what misbehaving actually is.  I don't think that I have the time or words to describe the theories, but they rocked my world.  At the end of the class we received a Memo From a Child.  It totally blew my mind.  I've got to link it up here.  

*We were rewarded with a beautiful weekend, with temperatures near 80, after surviving our freak snow storm last weekend.  The Zoo was packed, but we took the girls anyways.  This trip was a little unorthodox.  We decided to split up.  Sunshine and I decided to forgo seeing the animals in favor of a ride on the carousel and a trip on the Zoo train.  Todd and Ladybug were more conventional in the way they spent their time.  The look on Sunshine's face when the panda she was riding started to move was absolutely priceless.  

*Ladybug chose this weekend to both pee and poop in the potty.  YEAH.  I know we're nowhere close to shedding the diaper, but it was a start.  She sheds her pants and diaper at the slightest mention of going potty.  But then again, she's always liked her naked time.  

*We're expecting a visit from the lovely Aunt Ashley tomorrow.  I'm ecstatic.  We have some great things planned, but I'd really just love the company.  I know the kids will love seeing someone besides myself.  It's amazing how giddy they get at the prospect of someone new to show all their treasures.  

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Motherhood Uncensored said...

We get pee in the potty on an almost daily basis. But poop? He says "I want to poop in my diaper" - which both my husband and I agree is pretty much a sign that he should be pooping on the potty.

I didn't hit the consignment, but found one at my local shop. I still loathe people trying to sell Kmart clothes that are used for $4. I can get them new for that.