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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1-2-3 Magic

I hate how difficult the early evenings could be.  I would love to spend them cuddled up with my kids, reading a book.  But they're tired, and hungry, and I've got dinner to make.  It's really become my witching hour.  I try so hard not to lose my patience with the girls, probably just as hard as they try not to lose their patience with me.  

Then they both want to stand on the one stool that we have and help cook.  So with one on each side of me, I do my best to not yell at both of them to find some work to do.  Out of the kitchen.   

Monday night was particularly fun.  It was late, dangerously close to the girls' bedtime when we sat down to dinner.  The girls had been especially difficult, impatiently waiting for Daddy to come home.  When we finally sat down to dinner, the cat started howling to go out.  I mean, the kids were finally quiet so I guess he felt the need to make the house as noisy as possible again.  Sunshine opened the door to let him out.  He balked, and kept howling.  Incredibly frustrated, I opened the door, told him I was going to count to three.  He could either leave the house, or I was going to throw him out.  

I still can't believe that I told my cat that he had till the count of three to leave the house or be quiet.  I think I've lost it.  So does my cat.  

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