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Friday, January 2, 2009

Non Incautus Futuri

I think most close family and friends probably realize that we have never been happier to say good bye to a year than we are now.  It's had more than it's share of challenges, though we've probably been luckier than most.  Still, I now finally understand what it means to welcome the new year.  

We've got so many plans for the new year.  Not resolutions, but plans.  But before we can really accomplish anything, I need to get a hold of my daily life.  Sounds simple, right?  For me, not so much.   I'm perpetually behind on laundry.  The house always seems to be in a state of total chaos.  And sometimes I barely know what day it is.  

But this year HAS to be different.  We had a great start yesterday.  All the Christmas decorations were carefully packed up and taken down to the basement.  Now if you know us, you would know that the Christmas decorations might be boxed up, but it would take us 2-3 weeks to actually bring them down into the basement.  Heck, one year we kept our tree up until March.  We were thinking about decorating it for Easter.  

I've been on a total tear today:  packing up toys for the toy rotation, washing and folding laundry, grocery shopping, putting away the china from a party we had in November.  The kids think I'm nuts, and they're getting quite protective of their toys.  Sunshine has been quietly hiding toys her toys in the hopes that I won't see them and they won't make it into the rotation.  Ladybug has been running around the playroom clutching as many toys as she can fit in her arms.  Keep in mind these are toys the kids haven't played with in months.  

So... now that I'm getting my house in order; I need to get my life in order.  I need to start looking beyond the next event/weekend/milestone.  Not unmindful of the future.  That's my new motto.  

Now if only I could figure out how to do that....


Anonymous said...

If you figure that out... publish it!
You are such a good mom, and that is the most important job.

Atlanta Mommy said...

Sadly, I think spending so much time on the internet maybe a partial answer.

Motherhood Uncensored said...

Funny. All our ornaments, decorations, etc. are sitting in a box waiting to be taken down to the basement.

I figure I took down the entire tree and threw if off our back balcony (nice, right?), he can take the decorations down to the basement.

So that means those boxes will be there in May.