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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Behold The Manipulative Mind of My Four Year Old

Sunshine had a friend over for a bit on Saturday while Ladybug was getting some much needed rest.  The play date was not going well.  Sunshine was furious that I had unceremoniously placed her in timeout and proceeded to throw a massive tantrum.  I carefully warned her that I would be very upset if she woke Ladybug up.  Then I left to walk her little friend home.  Todd filled me in on what happened later.

Apparently Ladybug woke up right after I left.  Sunshine wandered over to Todd and said, "Mommy doesn't need to know who woke Ladybug up.  And if you tell her, I will be very upset with you."

I think we're just a little worried about this.  It's not like she's been studying Game Theory, and I know that kids are master manipulators.  But seriously, this is pure deception.  And what else does she think that Mommy doesn't need to know?  


Denise said...

I loved reading this story.

So Todd, did Ladybug find out that you told Ang who woke up Sunshine?

Anonymous said...

I didn't keep it a secret. Wearing my "disappointed" face, I sent her directly to timeout. Then, Ang and I had a good laugh. ~ Todd