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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I've been in denial for the last six months.  Every week that Todd works insane hours, I tell myself that it's only a busy cycle.  It will be better in a week or two.  But tonight it hit me that it will never get better.  I guess the only surprising thing is that it took me 6 months to realize that.  

So because I'm a little worn out, Ladybug is still sick, and I'm feeling about as creative as a lump of clay, a photo thread is about all I can muster the strength for.  


Every time we go to the zoo the kids love to "order ice cream" at the Naked Mole Rat playground.   Sunshine always asks for chocolate.  

I love that the girls still love holding each other's hands.  

The pink chalk residue is still all over the floor.  But it was worth it to watch them coloring together.  

Love you all!

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