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Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Epic Milk Battle Continues...

Ladybug:  Cup please, Mommy.  Gesticulated wildly at her half-full cup of lemonade.
Mommy:  Sure, kiddo.  Handed cup to Ladybug.
Ladybug:  Took one sip of lemonade.  Sour look upon her face.  Tossed cup to floor.
Mommy:  Would you like some milk?  
Ladybug:  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Milk, Mommy.
Mommy:  Poured cup of milk and gave to the extremely excited little girl 
Ladybug:  Took one sip.  Screamed shrilly, and tossed cup to floor.  CUP PLEASE MOMMY, she yelled.
Mommy:  Handed her the full cup of milk.  Here you go, kiddo.
Ladybug:  Tossed cup to floor.  CUP PLEASE, MOMMY, she yelled.

Repeated cycle every few minutes for the next 90 minutes.  

Finally the most determined look came over her face.  She stood on her tiptoes and grabbed the cup off the table.  And drank the entire thing.  Score.  

Mommy 1:  Ladybug 0

Though I still have no idea what she actually wanted in that cup.  


Anonymous said...

I admire your steadfastness in this epic battle of wills with a 19-month old. I probably just would have added the Hershey's syrup or a bit of soda. --Todd

Atlanta Mommy said...

At some point she just needs to drink the milk. There won't always be syrup there to add to it. That should be a special treat... not the norm.