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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scene in a Grocery Store: Aisle 8

We're shopping at Walmart this evening.  The girls are a little hungry, and we make it to the dried fruit aisle.  All the sudden Sunshine drops to her knees and hugs a container to her chest.  

Prunes, Mommy. Prunes.  Can we PLEEEEAAASSSEEE buy some prunes.  I want to eat some prunes.  I haven't had prunes in so long.  

I get down on my knees and calmly explain to my somewhat quirky daughter that we have an entire container of prunes in our refrigerator.  She's welcome to have some of those when we get home.

But Mommy, we need more prunes.  We need to buy some MORE.  We can't run out of prunes.  And I can eat them in the car.  Please, please, please.  (Still hugging container of prunes to her chest.)

All I can say is THANK GOD she's out of diapers!


Beth said...

HA! That's funny, at least she isn't hugging bags of chips!

Sharon said... may wish she was still in diapers!!!