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Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Lovely Life

Today has been one of those days that, as a mother, I long for.  With Sunshine safely ensconced at one of her favorite places on Earth (read:  school) and looking forward to a play date this afternoon with her friend; Ladybug and I were psyched for an entire day to ourselves.  This is such a rarity.  I took it for granted with Sunshine, not realizing that subsequent children would not have this gift of Mommy entirely to themselves, and vice versa.  

I was hard at work this morning.  The remnants of last night's impromptu Super Bowl party had been dealt with.  Breakfast dishes had been cleaned and put away.  The laundry was churning away in the machine.  I sat down, anticipating reading the latest updates from my favorite bloggers, when Ladybug climbed into my lap.  She pointed to the computer and said, "Down, Mommy."  How could I resist?  I put the laptop down, and she laid her head directly over my heart.  For an hour she stayed there; only moving to give me a nose kiss or to rub my cheek.  

All we did was cuddle, and it was pure magic.  You could practically smell the babyness of her.  That baby powder-sweet scent that fades away as each child grows up and becomes more independent.  It came flying back to me this morning, and I hadn't realized how much I had missed it.  For an entire hour, my always on-the-go, new-activity-every-5 minutes, toddler was so still, just listening to my heart beat.  I was so still, just in awe of this amazing gift she was giving me.  I feel recharged.  

It's all worth it.  Every single second.  That's why we do this.  For just one hour like that.  

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Angie for that. In this hectic, yet boring existence we are in right now with the ice and no power, it was the most beautiful and heartwarming things to read. I've got frozen tears but it is worth it. Miss you guys and hope to get down there soon. Love Aunt Kirha