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Friday, February 6, 2009

The Random Minutiae of Our Week

My little Ladybug is finally on the mend.  (Mentally crossing fingers, toes, and just about anything I can cross.)  I haven't seen the pediatrician this week, for the first time in 6.  Gosh, I wonder if she'll miss us.  I've actually packed the nebulizer away.  Hopefully we won't need to drag it out until this time next year.  

Yesterday it took me 90 minutes to take two girls the 6 miles to school.  I just love traffic in Atlanta.  Have I mentioned that before?  I heard the traffic report about the accident on our road, decided to use the interstate, and missed the traffic report about the 6-car with injury accident on I-20.  Lucky me.  I think I need to get some "angry maracas" to keep in the car for such occasions.  Might help my desire to yell obscenities at drivers who refuse to let me merge into traffic, and vigorously shaking something might actually make me feel better.

Sunshine is on Cloud 9.  We have several refugees here this weekend; family members who have been without power and water since the ice storms in Kentucky two weeks ago.  People, never underestimate the value of a warm toilet seat.  But for now, The Sunshine Show is on without pause.  She's loving having an audience here.  

I'm completely psyched about tomorrow.  Kristen Chase and I have been trying to get together for weeks, and we've got a date scheduled at Baby Loves Disco.  Should be a blast. 

Sunday marks the anniversary of my wonderful husband's birth.  I think we might spend the day at Stone Mountain enjoying this marvelous peek at Spring.  Have I mentioned how perfect Spring is here in Atlanta?  Should be 75 and sunny here on Sunday.  

Have a great weekend everyone!


Kris said...

You have warm toilet seats? Why didn't you tell me?!!!

Anonymous said...

Yea and you soo forgot that I came on Sunday too.. I mean its been a rarity that we see eachother more than maybe 2x a year :( I know our visit was only for a couple of hours, but hey we take what we can get!!! ~Ash