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Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's really December? Already?

So I think I'm definitely in the running for the World's Worst Gift Giver.  Ask my family.  It's either a lousy gift on time, or a decent gift several months too late.  I just can't seem to get it together and do both at the same time.  Case in point... my sister's birthday is in June.  I finally managed to find her gift in October.  To be perfectly honest though, it was a great bag.  Christmas is a tough time for me because it requires that I have gifts (good gifts, even) for lots of people, all on the same day.  I wish I could be one of those people who painstakingly hides gifts away throughout the year.  That simply requires organizational skills I just don't possess, or maybe I'm just too lazy.  

Most of the time, I just can't think of what to get someone.  I have not one creative bone in my body.  Inspiration will eventually come, but it usually arrives long after the actual holiday or birthday.  It's far easier when I see the person everyday.  But I've lived so far away from family for so long, that I don't really know what they would love.  I wish I were a little more like my sisters and mom.  They've had their shopping done for a while, and they're so incredibly creative.  Their gifts are always spot on, thoughtful.   Christmas has just snuck up on me this year.  

I've been working really hard over the last few days on some ideas that I have.  I just don't want to have to resort to gift cards.  I know... it's nice for the person to actually be able to pick out something that they like.  (Especially when the gift comes from someone like me.)  But I really do want to find that perfect gift.  I think what I need is a huge kick in the rear in September.  A countdown perhaps.  I would probably still ignore it, waiting until Dec 1 to start placing online orders.  Lets just hope my expedited shipping costs aren't too high.  

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ahaay7 said...

ya know.. just when i think your posts cant get any better, you always seem to prove me wrong! this blog has been an amazing present.. you leave me anxiously chekcing twice a day, some times more! I have learned soo much about you, todd and the girls that i never knew. and i love copying and collecting pictures so i dont miss out on my nieces' special moments growing up. you have been an instrumental role model and i have learned so much from you about parenting and hardships that i can take with me for when im ready to have my own children (NOT anytime soon, i might add) ;) oh and did i mention it gives me something fun to do when im bored at my internship.

dont fret my sister.. no need to get down about not being the most creative one in the bunch.. youve always been the practical one! who doesnt love a gift card?? afterall the day after xmas is the 2nd biggest shopping day and its the perfect reason to go shopping when were broke frm xmas, haha! afterall you know shopping is in the ungemach's blood. i love your gifts, dont be soo hard on yourself, trust your instincts, even though it sounds cheesy!