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Friday, December 12, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

We went to see Santa this past weekend.   It's difficult to tell exactly who looks unhappiest in this photo.  Well, maybe not.  Ladybug was sincerely unhappy when I unceremoniously placed her on Santa's lap.  Santa really doesn't look thrilled either.  Sunshine was ambivalent.  I should probably add that this is the first year Sunshine has gone anywhere near Santa.  She even managed to suggest, in her quietest voice, that Santa bring her a sled, some skis, and some skates.  We've been reading the Berenstain Bears' Christmas a lot lately.  We can't seem to convince her that it doesn't snow here in Georgia and those particular gifts really won't work well.  

I think what was most amusing of all was the fact that they tried to lock us into a photo package before the girls even got so much as a peek at Santa.  Are you kidding me?  Do they really think I'm going to pay $25  for ONE photo of my kid screaming on Santa's lap.  I think the issue was that they didn't want me to use my camera.  Well, really.  You mean I can't use my camera, but everyone and their brother can use camera phones?  I told them in my nicest, you must be crazy, voice that I would have to wait and see what the photo looked like before I would commit to purchasing it.  The sad thing was that I would have been more than happy to purchase a photo if the prices had been anywhere near reasonable.  

We went to the Aquarium later that day, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but another Santa, although missing his reindeer.  We were quick on the uptake that day and explained that Santa was following us around.  How cool it was that we got to see Santa twice.  Sunshine didn't seem to notice that the second Santa really didn't look anything like the first.  I think all she noticed was the red suit.  I don't think that explanation will work next year.  

We're a little late with the Christmas cards this year.  Since none of our Santa pictures passed muster; I'm going to try again this weekend.  Wish me luck.  For every fabulous picture you see of the girls, there are fifty more with Sunshine trying to put Ladybug in a headlock, and Ladybug doing just about anything she can to break out of Sunshine's grasp.  We may actually be sending out New Year's cards.  


Anonymous said...

Love this picture of the the grands with Santa. Guess you call it natural and not posed. Would love to see them in person. Grandma

Anonymous said...

Yes, Santa, does look a little put out. But those are the memories aren't they? Nice catch on the Santa twice thing. That's a new one. Sunshine is one smart cookie though and you might not have to wait for next year for her to catch on.
Aunt kirha