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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Smooth Flying and Lots of Mints, I hope.

Travel day is upon us.  I think we're totally packed.  Of course I'm probably forgetting some crucial item that when discovered missing, will illicit a massive fit from my drama queen daughter.  Girls are so emotional.  Of course I've let them pack the babies of their choice, but when bedtime comes it will naturally be the wrong baby.  Same with books.  I've had some of their favorites packed away for some time, just to help them become "new" again.  They will most certainly be the wrong books come storytime.  

It's become increasingly difficult to pack clothes for Sunshine.  She really likes to take charge of her ensembles, and I completely support that.  I'd like to think that I'm helping her develop some self-confidence.  As long as her clothes are clean, and she's warm, the "what to wear to school today battle" is not a hill I want to die on.  However, it might mean she goes to school on a lovely winter day in a sundress.  I do insist on leggings and a shirt underneath.  I usually also let her choose how she wants her hair, as long as it looks neat.  But when we travel, I would prefer my children not look like rag-a-muffins.   I'm a little afraid of the tantrum that will ensue when she realizes that the butterfly dress was not packed.   It will be enough to completely throw her day off.  Hopefully letting her choose from a group of neatly bagged (complete) outfits will be enough to satisfy her urge to control.  

Luckily Ladybug still doesn't care what she's wearing.  As long as it has easy diaper access, she's a happy camper.  I am worried about the "lap child" portion of today's traveling.  She's so not going to want to sit in our laps.  I'm afraid that the fact that we're flying out at naptime is also not going to help.  My kids are sleepers... in bed... in a dark room.  They've never slept with us, or in our arms.  So the potential for a cranky, tired kid who can't sleep and doesn't want to sit in our lap is high.  I can just see the glares on the faces of our fellow travelers today.  

It's absolutely exhausting flying with children.  Most people don't see the sheer energy that is required on the part of parents to ensure a good flight.  We constantly worry about the people in front of us, and is Sunshine kicking their seat?  The people around us, and are our kids too loud?  You have to be so on top of things, anticipating the wants and needs of the children well in advance of the children asking for something.  One little misstep, and you are automatically relegated to the status of lousy parent who let their kid scream "throughout the entire flight."  People are so intolerant and unforgiving.  

Here's hoping I have everything; books, a new notebook for drawing, raisins, apple bars, magna doodle, babies, and mints.  Lots of mints.  Sunshine knows what good Mint behavior is.  We're trying to relate that to good plane behavior.  Ladybug loves them too.  She just doesn't have a great grasp on the need for good behavior to get a mint.  Maybe I could convince our fellow travelers that they'll get a mint if they don't stare at me like I'm ruining their entire vacation simply by daring to bring my kids on a plane.  My kids can certainly show them what good Mint behavior looks like!    

Well, if I don't get the chance to post tomorrow... Have A Very Happy Thanksgiving!  


Gail ~ Mother, Wife, Daughter, Hospice RN said...

I found your blog through your grandfather. I hope you are OK with me following it. You are an incredible writer and paint such a great picture of young parenthood!

I can remember traveling on a plane with my 2 girls when they were young and this post made me smile :)


Motherhood Uncensored said...

You started a blog. YAY!