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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Trick or Treat

I thought you all might want some Halloween pics of the girls.  Sunshine was beautiful.  She wanted her hair in a bun like Mommy, and it's been that way every day since.  She pranced around in those silly plastic heels, even running at one point to see some friends of ours.  Ladybug was adorable.  She said "thank you" for the first time, and insisted on saying it to everyone we saw.  Regardless of wether or not she got candy.  I love it.  A fabulous time was had by all.  

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Anonymous said...

let me start by saying that i love the pics.. however i am going to need you to ask madeleine to stop growing up sooo fast! oh my goodness she looks like shes 7 years old.. aaahhh!