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Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday morning

I absolutely despise installing car seats.  I would rather do laundry than install car seats.  That's saying a lot.  Installing Sunshine's gi-normous car seat?  Well, lets just say that I'd rather invite 5 of her friends here to spend the day.  

But I spent yesterday doing it anyways.  Cleaned out the car too.  It needed to be done.  We're going to sell it soon, and while it needs to be detailed, the books were starting to multiply.  No kidding, I pulled 45 books out of the car.  Nearly that many hair bows too.  

So this morning, when Sunshine met me at the door, book in hand; I told her that there were no more books in the car.  It's a short ride to school, and she could do without it.  The fit that ensued?  Oscar-worthy.  Because telling her that she can't bring a book somewhere is akin to cutting off a limb.  

We finally made it out to the car, sans book.  She climbs into her car seat, and holds out a board book smaller than my palm.  "Moooommmm.  You must have missed this one."  The sarcasm?  She was dripping with it.  The only thing missing was a dumba** at the end.  Something tells me I'm going to need a metric ton of patience.  A lot sooner than I had anticipated.    

And by the way... oatmeal should NEVER be served on a Monday morning.  Ever.  


Anonymous said...

I had to laugh. I remember a little girl that never went anywhere without a book. Still does I think. Grandma

ross321 said...

Just wait till it's the cellphone she can't go anywhere without. You will be wishing for the days with a book. love ya Kirha