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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day

Important?  Definitely.  I mean the USDA wouldn't steer us wrong.  But breakfast here drives me nothing short of nuts.    These girls will beg and plead for what it is they decide they want for breakfast.  I'll painstakingly prepare what it is that they request and place it lovingly in front of them only to have them eat two bites.  And then declare themselves done.  And honestly that wouldn't bother me.  I mean, I don't like the wasted food, but I won't force them to eat anything.   It's the constant requests/demands/whining for snacks that starts about an hour after they've turned their noses up at whatever was placed on the breakfast table.  

I really don't think the issue is that they're not hungry in the morning.  I think that they just like the idea of snacks.  I have been trying, with lousy results, to get them to understand that our day is not just an uninterrupted stream of snacks.  I know they're hungry.  They have to be.  They only ate 2 bites for breakfast.  But I'm done.  I'm done with snacks.  You don't finish breakfast, you don't get snacks.  

This morning though? Almost broke me.  It was almost comical.  Well, maybe only in hindsight.  I had both girls following me around the house, begging for food for almost 30 minutes.  Literally 2 steps from my ankles.  Almost whining in unison.  While I was on the phone.  I almost dug their eggs out of the trash and served them on a platter.  


Anonymous said...

Stick their unfinished breakfast in the frig and give it back when they ask for a snack.

Atlanta Mommy said...

You know, it depends on the food. Some things I will. But we normally have eggs, and I could never serve anyone cold, leftover eggs. My skin crawls a little thinking about it. Now if they have a piece of cinnamon toast, then they get the toast.

Ali said...

oh, I've got three that start begging for snacks about 24 seconds after they've discarded their completely uneaten breakfasts...*sigh*

Dyar Baby Momma said...

We often get that at dinner time - the all done because she wants to get down and play or whatever but then 10 minutes later its, 'crackers? pretzels?' - um no! You can have more dinner... that doesn't go well but oh well.