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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today's one of those days where I thought I had it all figured out.  But the universe.  Ahh, the universe.  Well, it had different plans for me.  

It began early, which was a good thing.  I have a ton of stuff to do in preparation for our somewhat impromptu trip tomorrow.  And the kids?  Well, the kids needed to be run hard.  It's been way hot here, and we've spent too many  days inside.  I had this lovely day planned.  A stop at the Botanical Gardens to play in the water garden, a trip to Trader Joe's to pick up snacks for tomorrow, Walmart, laundry, and hopefully a nap for the kids.  And lets not forget packing, because I've yet to pack a single item of clothing.

We were doing so well.  Nap time arrived with its usual fanfare.  Yells of I'm not tired.  I'm not going to sleep.  Fine.  I'll go upstairs.  But I'm bringing the entire contents of our four bookshelves with me.  What?  You expect me to actually get in bed.  I thought I could take my nap sitting at the top of the stairs, asking every two minutes if it's time to get out of bed yet.  And that's just Sunshine.  Usually I don't ask her to take a nap.  But she got up early this morning, and frankly her attitude demanded it.  

But oddly enough Sunshine wasn't the issue today.  Ladybug was.  My sweet, 3-hour napping Ladybug refused to take a nap.  On the day that I REALLY needed her to nap.  I'd put her upstairs and not two minutes later, I'd hear her door open and the pitter of her little feet as left her room.  I kept finding her in the guest room with her baby doll, each time trying to lug something else in there.  Finally, the fifth time I headed upstairs, I decided that I would let her finish her task.  It turns out that she though baby needed a diaper and wardrobe change.  She changed baby.  We both felt better.  I put her to bed, and I congratulated myself on figuring out the problem and solving it without tears.

And then I was all prepared to come downstairs and write a post about how all we have to do is sometimes follow their lead.  But today the universe was laughing at me just a little.  After I'd retrieved a snack and the computer, I had some problems getting online.  Wouldn't you know.  Ladybug was back out of bed, this time playing with the router in the guest room.  Since then I've been up there at least five more times.  

The baby gate is going up tonight.  


I also wanted to thank everyone for their kind wishes about not getting the job.  I do know that it's for the best.  It would have been incredibly hard for me to leave Ladybug with someone else, regardless of how fantastic that person it.  It's a blessing in disguise.  We were still about a year away from really being ready for me to go back to work anyways.  But sometimes you have to jump on the opportunities that might come your way.  I would have been disappointed with myself for not trying.  


We're heading up to the Beach tomorrow to help my mom, who will be recovering from surgery.  Any thoughts and prayers for my mom's speedy recovery, and my sanity on the 10 hour trip to the Beach with the kids. Alone.  Well, they would be greatly appreciated!  

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ross321 said...

Well, you know you have my thoughts and prayers. And you know I KNOW how it is on a long trip with two little girls. you are a planner and should do fine.Cars tend to make children sleep when they don't want to. Car DVD players are better than sliced bread. And I've seen firsthand the toy store Mom has for the kids. Have a great, safe trip. Love you. Will be thinking of you.